MAG - Civic Stewardship Symposium, Ligoniel Activity Centre, 21 November 2013 information and Civic Stewardship Reports

Date published: 05 November 2014

Ministerial Advisory Group for Architecture and the Built Environment - interim and final reports on civic stewardship techniques


Civic stewardship techniques have been offered to all district councils during 2013 – 2014 by the MAG. Study visits were specially tailored by the MAG with individual Councils to reflect particular places, issues and opportunities in each district.

The work was further developed in the first Civic Stewardship Symposium on 21 November 2013 which is supported by the Interim Report. The Symposium was held in a Neighbourhood Renewal Area and offered Councils and local community groups a further opportunity for action learning and exchange of experience between participants. The symposium was organized by the MAG and the Landscape Institute of Northern Ireland, with assistance from the Academy of Urbanism, Belfast City Council and Architecture and Design Scotland.

The full day symposium was a diverse and active day consisting of two presentations by inspirational and challenging speakers, structured round room discussions, walking action learning visits around the local area in groups hosted by community leaders, an interactive lunch, conclusions and resolutions.

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