Covid-19: Guidance on the safe return of sport

Date published: 10 July 2020

Last updated: 01 April 2022

COVID-19 restrictions have impacted on every thread of society here and adhering to them has had serious implications for the sport, recreation and leisure sectors. Working our way out of the lockdown arrangements is something that will need to be carefully managed so that the immense effort to suppress the spread of the virus is not undone and to ensure that we avoid a second wave. This guidance provides advice on the safe phased return of sport, leisure and recreation in Northern Ireland. 


The guidance includes links to further detailed information and sources of advice and assistance including from Sport NI and Sport Governing Bodies. It also includes links to information on re-opening sports facilities and making workplaces safer.

This page also contains guidance advising people to avoid car sharing during COVID-19 but also shows the steps to follow to reduce the spread of the virus if you can't avoid car sharing.

The most up to date guidance on car sharing can be found on the Public Health Agency website

The guidance will be kept under review and updated as matters develop.

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