Application for consent for the removal of human remains (other than cremated remains) from Council owned burial grounds in Northern Ireland

Date published: 14 February 2020

The current law relating to this matter is contained in Regulation 12 of the Burial Grounds Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1992 which states that:

“A person shall not cause or permit a body to be removed from one place of burial to another or to be exhumed unless that person first obtains the written consent of the Department”


In this case the ‘Department’ means the Department for Communities. The Department will require some information and documentation from the applicant (and other parties) and details of the deceased.  Applicants should therefore read the notes overleaf and provide the details requested in Part A before sending the form to the relevant council for completion of Part B.

Fully completed forms should be sent to:

Local Government & Housing Regulation Division
Department for Communities
Level 4
Causeway Exchange
1-7 Bedford Street
Town Parks

Enquiries: 028 9082 3377

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