Lower Shankill & Brown Square forum update - September 2020

The brief update below contains the most up to date positions as advised to BSC. However, it should be noted that due to the current health emergency timescales, where provided, may be subject to change.

Housing Projects


Work for Phase 1 began onsite at the beginning of August 2020. Some initial issues with local residents around site fencing/hoarding and loss of car parking have been resolved. It is expected that new social homes will be available from Spring 2022.

North Boundary Street

Radius are currently considering a small social housing scheme of six homes. Feasibility and topographical surveys have been completed and Radius are planning a Development Team Meeting in early October.  Timescales are unknown as we await formal confirmation of a social housing scheme.

NIHE Depot, Brown Square

The Housing Executive have asked Land & Property Services (LPS) for a valuation of the site which Radius require to assess the viability of an affordable housing scheme. Again timescales are currently unknown.

Bullring Environmental Improvement Scheme

The planning application was made on 6 March and after a bit of a delay due to the lockdown BCC began to contact the statutory consultees in May. A few issues arose during the consultation and we had to complete a couple more surveys on drainage and invasive plant species. That has now been done and we continue to engage with BCC Planners to get the approval over the line.

This planning application should allow you to view what has happened with the planning application so far and keep an eye on progress.

As regards funding, the Economic Appraisal stalled for a while due to availability and lockdown pressures. We are currently addressing comments made by our Departmental Economists and expect to refer it shortly to the Assistant Secretary for final approval. Once the project has been formally approved we can move on to bid for the funding required for the construction of the scheme.

The funding of almost £1.2 million is provisionally profiled within BSC’s planned budget bid for next year. It is not yet possible to provide a precise start date until we have economic appraisal and planning approval but it is expected that the work will be completed within that 21/22 financial year.  That, of course, depends very much on those approvals coming through.

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