RESTRICTED USER ORGANISATIONS ONLY - For more information on TCI Floor Area Bands/ Cost Groups Tables applicable to self-contained and shared General Needs accommodation and any special design features refer to tables issued to your organisation.

Please make use of these tables and the explanatory notes when completing the ‘Application for Advance land Purchase’ ALP1, the ‘Application for Project Approval’ form NT1/TA1 , and ‘TCI Calculation form’ SFN1 in support of a scheme submission.

N.B. Before consulting the TCI tables it is important that Association’s assessment of occupancy and bed spaces is realistic and takes account of room shape and features as well as floor area. This will avoid unnecessary delay during the scheme assessment stage.

For guidance on measuring floor area and space exclusions:

Tables listing TCI and related allowances have been issued direct to restricted organisations only

Table 1 - TCI Base Table: Self-Contained and Shared Accommodation
Table 2 - TCI Cost Groups
Table 3 - Tranche Payments by Scheme Type
Table 4 - Key Multipliers Table
Table 5 - Supplementary Multipliers Table
Table 6 - Key On-Cost Table
Table 7 - Supplementary On-Cost Table
Table 8 - Grant Rate – Cost Group A
Table 9 - Grant Rate – Cost Group B
Table 10 - Grant Rate – Cost Group C
Table 11 - Grant Rate – Cost Group D
Table 12  - Grant Rate – Cost Group E
Table 13  - Grant Rate – Cost Group F

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