Introduction to the Calculating Grant

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The ‘Calculating Grant’ section describes the use of TCI and related allowances. These elements breakdown into:

  • Total Cost Indicators (TCI);
  • TCI Cost Groups;
  • Scheme Multipliers;
  • On-Cost multipliers; and
  • Grant Rates.  

Mixed Funding for Schemes - All Schemes, including those funded under the Supported Housing procedures, are funded by a mixture of grants and private finance accessed from Associations’ reserves and/or private sector loans.  Schemes funded by such a mixture of private finance and public grant are referred to throughout these notes as “Mixed Funded”. The amount of private finance is simply the balance to be met to cover the costs of the scheme over and above the amount of approved grant.

For Mixed Funded Schemes the grant percentage is fixed at project approval stage. Grant entitlement for Tariff Schemes calculated at this stage is TCI x Grant Rate.

A percentage set of approved grant can be paid once a unit reaches certain key development stages.  These grant payments are known as Tranches. For further information on Tranches and Tranche Percentages applicable, please see Claiming Payment.

Enquiries about the interpretation of this guidance must be directed to NIHE Development Programme Group (DPG) in the first instance. NIHE (DPG) can be contacted on Tel. (028) 9031 8400.

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