Housing Association Private Finance

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This section details the information to be provided by RHAs on the completion of a mortgage.

Data to be submitted by RHA's

When a Registered Housing Association has completed a mortgage it must, within 28 days of the mortgage completing, furnish the information specified as follows to the Department:

(a) the name of the Registered Housing Association that has completed the mortgage

(b) confirmation that the property being secured is social housing, non-social housing or both

(c) the signed mortgage document detailing the property being mortgaged

(d) details of non-social housing activity if social housing is being used to provide security to finance that activity

(e) the name of the private finance provider

(f) the name of the charge holder

(g) the total finance facility made available by the private finance provider

(h) the total of the loans already drawn down from the finance facility

(i) the total amount available to be drawn down from the property

(j) the facility agreement         

The form to be completed by RHAs can be found here


For more information see “Privately Financed Schemes” in the Governance guide


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