Housing Association Guide Amendments 2022-23

Part of: Housing Association Guide

This section details the most recent amendments which have been made to the guide.

Amendment No. Publication date Guide Section Summary
10/2022/23 28/02/2023 Development Guide Design Standards Amendments to delegated limits for approvals of both DfC and DoF
09/2022/23 08/02/2023 Development Guide Design Standards Rectifying a mistake from amendment 07/2022/23
08/2022/23 02/02/2023 Development Guide Design Standards Content in existing Furniture tables has been updated
07/2022/23 26/01/2023 Development Guide Design Standards Update to GA1 and DPF-C forms
06/2022/23 24/10/2022 Development Guide Design Standards Update to clarify at what height of apartment building a lift should be provided
05/2022/23 13/10/2022 Development Guide Scheme Approval New section on Pilot Schemes
04/2022/23 27/09/2022 Development Guide Design Standards Update to deviations from the design standards section
03/2022/23 26/09/2022 Housing Management   Update to work content of cyclical maintenance schemes
02/2022/23 04/08/2022 Development Guide Programme Management Update to reflect no reference or background to Shared Housing Programme
01/2022/23 13/04/2022 Development Guide Scheme Approval/Calculating Grant Special Projects Promotion Allowance (SPPA) is no longer available


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