Housing Association Guide Amendments 2021-22

Part of: Housing Association Guide, Housing Association Guide - Amendments

This section details the most recent amendments which have been made to the guide.

Amendment No. Publication date Guide Section Summary
13/2021/22 16/02/2022 Development Guide Scheme Approval Updates to forms and guidance tables following a review of the Off The Shelf (OTS) section of the Guide
12/2021/22 20/12/2021 Development Guide Programme Management/Scheme Approval/Design Standards/Calculating Grant Changes to the ‘Off The Shelf’ guidance
10/2021/22 01/11/2021 Development Guide Design Standards Update to include a link to a new set of draft standards for older people’s housing. The term ‘elderly’ has been updated to ‘older people’ throughout the guide
09/2021/22 28/10/2021 Development Guide Scheme Approval Economic Appraisal and Post Project Evaluation information has been updated
08/2021/22 27/10/2021 Development Guide Calculating Grant The Qualifying and Non-Qualifying costs section of the Guide has been amended
06/2021/22 20/10/2021 Development Guide Scheme Approval Amended Project Information form
05/2021/22 22/09/2021 Housing Management Guide Tenancy Management Department's consent to dispose of land or property no longer required
04/2021/22 06/09/2021 Housing Management Guide Tenancy Management Amendments to reflect correct dates
03/2021/22 19/08/2021 Development Guide Design Standards Energy and Sustainability section has been updated
02/2021/22 17/05/2021 Development Guide Scheme Approval Scheme Approval Guide tables have been updated
01/2021/22 22/04/2021 Development Guide Scheme Approval Economic Appraisal pro-forma has been updated


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