Housing Association Guide Amendments 2016-17

Part of: Housing Association Guide, Housing Association Guide - Amendments

This section details the most recent amendments which have been made to the guide.

Amendment No. Publication date Guide Section Summary
09/2016-17 12/10/17 Development Scheme Approval Link added to General Determination 1992.
A second amendment has been made to wording of the Housing Management Guide - Tenancy Management section.
08/2016-17 04/10/17 Development Scheme Approval & Design Standards Amendment to wording and new Density Statement Template
07/2016-17 21/09/17 Development Scheme Approval Amended GA1 form uploaded due to various changes
06/2016-17 12/06/17 Development Scheme Approval Amendment to wording on Funding Exceptions
05/2016-17 31/03/17 Procurement    Total revision of the Procurement Guide
04/2016-17 22/03/17 Development Scheme Approval & Calculating Grant Amendment to wording on Calculating Grant, and removal of Table 2 Tranche Breakdown by Scheme Type
03/2016-17 06/03/17 Development Design Standards Removal of content relating to Housing Quality Indicators
02/2016-17 10/02/17 Development Scheme Approval Amendment to wording on Valuation Validity Period 
01/2016-17 19/01/17 Development Design Standards & Scheme Approval Revised wording for Pends and additional paragraph on Scheme Abandonment.


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