Guidance on ALP Payment Stages - Band 4

ALP Acquisition Stage - If the NIHE (DPG) approves an application for the advance acquisition of land, the Association can access the Acquisition Tranche to acquire the land.  Associations should follow the guidance for the standard Acquisition stage when claiming the approved ALP payment.

The grant available at acquisition tranche stage will be in respect of land purchase only and will be paid at 100% of the actual qualifying land value plus 5% of the total on-costs.

Schemes approved by 31 December 2014 and on site by 31 December 2015 will be entitled to claim an additional 5% grant.

Note. Where appropriate, for supported housing schemes, any Special Projects Promotion Allowance payable must be claimed with grant payments for the full approved scheme.  SPPA is not payable at ALP Acquisition stage.

More information on Acquisition Stage for Bands 1, 3 & 4

Post ALP - Acquisition and Start on Site Stages - The NIHE (DPG) will pay a valid/approved application for the Acquisition Tranche and the Start on Site Tranche to the Association in respect of the fully approved scheme in the normal manner.  Certain information provided at the ALP Acquisition Tranche claim, which is not subject to an 'expiry' date, may still be valid where the scheme content is unchanged at full scheme submission and so does not need to be provided a second time. The previous Grant paid for the Advance Acquisition of Land must be deducted from the Tranches as a Public Subsidy Deduction. Any SPPA claim should be made at this point using the following split - 70% of the allowance at Acquisition and the remaining 30% at Start on Site.

Post ALP - Practical Completion - After Start on Site stage, the scheme will be treated as normal, according to scheme and funding type, in respect of Practical Completion Stage, cost overrun etc.

Scheme Abandonment - If an ALP scheme does not achieve a start on site within 2 years from the ALP approval date, or 3 years with the prior approval of DPG, then the ALP grant paid will normally be repaid in full plus interest. The timescale and terms of any repayment may in exceptional circumstances take into account the financial implications for the Association.

For more information on Recovery of Grant.

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