Governance Guide - Induction Package

New board members must be correctly induced, the Department set out the appropiate procedures for this.


To ensure new Board Members are correctly inducted onto the Board and that they are provided with suitable initial and on-going training to understand the strategic direction and business of the Association and their role as a Board Member.


The Chairperson’s Role

  • ensure that all Board Members are adequately inducted, trained and supported to perform their role and function including that of the Office Bearers
  • to ensure the annual budget includes an allocation for Board training; that an annual survey of training needs is conducted; and that all Members are offered training on at least an annual basis, in addition to initial induction

The Chairperson is supported by the Chief Executive/Senior Officer in the induction process for new Board Members.

Board Members

  • identify to the Chief Executive/Senior Officer any particular training needs
  • respond to surveys of Board training needs and participate in the Board training provided


All new Board Members will:

  • receive an up to date induction package that includes governance information
  • receive and complete an annual survey of Board training needs
  • be offered general governance including financial training at least on an annual basis, and other training may be offered in response to needs identified in the annual survey of Board training needs

All new Members will also receive an induction manual which will include:

  • letter of appointment/welcome
  • duties and responsibilities of Board Members
  • code of conduct
  • declaration of Interests form
  • board meeting schedule for the current year
  • calendar of events for the current year
  • board members contact list
  • organisational chart
  • rules of the association
  • strategic plan
  • business plan for the current year
  • Minutes of the last AGM
  • copy of minutes of the most recent Board meeting and Sub-Committee meetings (where applicable)

It is the responsibility of each Board Member to complete and return to the Chief Executive/Senior Officer as soon as practicable the forms for their contact details, their qualifications, declaration of interests form and any other forms requiring completion.

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