Forthcoming consultations October to December 2021

Business area/name of consultation exercise Anticipated date of consultation Brief description of the policy/matter for consultation Business contact details

Affordable Rent Branch. 


“Intermediate Rent: Proposals on Policy & Model!

TBC with Minister since June 2021 for approval

The consultation contains proposals for the policy and operational model for an “Intermediate Rent” product for the housing market here.  Proposals cover areas including the development and delivery of supply, the eligibility criteria to access an Intermediate Rent home, and how a funding package (including loan-based) public subsidy) could operate.

Maryann Dempsey

HSC – Consultation on draft Housing Supply Strategy and EQIA


Public consultation launch planned for the the draft housing supply strategy and accompanying EQIA.

Chris Mills

Private Rented Sector

Consultation on extension of Notice to Quit Period.

Launch end of Oct subject to Ministerial approval

A public consultation on extending the notice to quit which a private landlord is required to give to tenants

Eilish O’Neill. Conrad Murphy.

Local Government & Housing Regulation Division –Consultation on the draft Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations (NI) 2022


Opening on 8 October 2021 closing on 10 December 2021

This consultation covers proposals to amend the legislation governing the Local Government Pension Scheme (Northern Ireland) (“LGPS (NI)”).


The draft LGPS (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2022 contain proposed amendments to cover both the changes required by an Employment Tribunal ruling (Goodwin) in relation to survivor benefits, and a number of technical amendments and minor policy updates.

Willy Dobbin




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