Explanatory notes for use of the Grant Rate - Cost Group Tables

To identify the appropriate Grant Rate, the Cost Group and the gross TCI multiplier must be identified.  This is done as part of the process of completion of the TCI Calculation form SFN1. Use the notes included on the front of SFN1 to aid completion.

For ALL schemes the gross multiplier and norm grant entitlement is calculated for each unit type on Form SFN1, then is used to derive the aggregate grant rate for the scheme on a weighted basis according to the mix of units. However, generally, 100% grant rate may be applied to Traveller supported housing schemes.

Grant Rates are shown for a wide range of gross multipliers, but it is possible that a scheme will attract a multiplier outside these ranges. In such cases, the grant rate appropriate to the nearest published range must be used.

Identifying the Grant Rate

  • Calculate the TCI gross multiplier on the SFN1 form
  • Find the TCI gross multiplier (rounded to 2 decimal places) in one of the ranges established by the “Lowest” and “Highest” columns at the left of the look-up tables in Annexes A-F
  • Determine the appropriate grant column by referring to the column headings and the key and notes below the tables
  • Read off the grant rate from the appropriate column for the particular unit type.

Standard Grant Rates - “Standard” Grant Rates are shown boxed in each Cost Group table (Tables 7 - 12).

These have been calculated as follows:

Self-contained accommodation:

The standard rate is the rate for the unit type at the top of the column in the absence of any other design or need characteristics, which, by attracting additional key or supplementary multipliers, would produce an adjusted TCI and a different gross multiplier.

Shared accommodation:

The standard rate for shared housing is calculated by applying to basic TCI the adjustment for acquisition and works schemes with between 4 and 6 bed spaces. Schemes with higher or lower numbers of bed spaces attract different supplementary multipliers leading to a grant rate above or below the standard.

For example, a Category 1 acquisition and works unit, in Cost Group ‘A’ with no additional characteristics has a standard grant rate at a gross multiplier of 1.05, reflecting the fact that Category 1 dwellings attract a supplementary multiplier which is applied to the basic new building TCI.

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