Engaged Communities Group

Moira Doherty Moira Doherty is the Deputy Secretary for Engaged Communities Group in the Department for Communities. The Engaged Communities Group is responsible for:

  • Active Communities Division, is responsible for policy development and delivery; governance and accountability; and operational management of the bodies responsible for sports and Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. It also has responsibility for Regional and Sub Regional Stadia Programmes.
  • Community Empowerment has the lead role in setting policy and operational delivery of programmes to ensure that communities and individuals living in the most deprived neighbourhood have access to the best possible services and opportunities which make for a better quality of life and prospect for themselves and their families.  This Includes People and Place: a Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal and associated programmes including Small Pockets of Deprivation programme, Areas at Risk Programme.
  • Culture Division, which has responsibility for policy development and delivery on Irish, Ulster Scots and sign language; oversight of the North/South Language Body; Arts infrastructure and strategy; the creative industries; community festivals, museums & libraries and architecture and built environment for Northern Ireland
  • Historic Environment Division’s (HED) which records, protects, conserves, enhances and promotes the historic environment to secure its benefits for current and future generations
  • Public Record Office NI (PRONI), which  was established for the reception and preservation of public records including records of Government Departments; courts of law, public bodies and NDPBs; and records deposited by private individuals, churches, businesses and institutions
  • Voluntary & Community Division, which supports vibrant, effective and more sustainable Voluntary & Community Sectors through a range of programmes and initiatives and acts as sponsor Division for the Charities Commission NI.

Moira joined the Civil Service in 1999, and has worked in a range of policy, project delivery and operational roles in the Northern Ireland Office, Department of Justice, Department of Regional Development and Department for Infrastructure. Moira is also the Trustee of a local charity, The Turnaround Project, which supports people in their journey out of the justice system.

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