COVID-19: Recovery of benefit overpayments and loans suspended

Due to coronavirus DfC paused recovery of overpayments and loans for three months.

From July 2020 DfC will restart the recovery of overpayments and over a period of months we will reinstate repayment arrangements that were previously agreed.

Direct Earnings Attachment

The Department wrote to all employers asking them to stop taking deductions from employee salaries.  We will now write to individuals who were previously repaying by deductions from salary giving them the opportunity to contact us to discuss voluntary repayment before deductions from salary are restarted.

Direct Debit

If you previously repaid by Direct Debit, we will write to you to you to let you know when we will start to collect these repayments again. You will be given 10 working days’ notice before we start to collect these payments.

Universal Credit

If you were previously repaying through deductions from your Universal Credit award these deductions will start again. Your claimant statement will provide a breakdown of your deductions.

Further updates and information regarding the reinstatement of other repayment plans including recovery from other benefits and repayment of loans will be provided in due course.

If following reinstatement of your recovery plan you are experiencing difficulty in repaying your overpayment you should contact Debt Management.

Benefit Overpayments

Telephone Number: 0800 587 1322

Lines are open 10.00 – 16.00 Monday to Friday

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