The story so far – key programme dates for social housing reform programme

To date the focus of the programme was to research and develop options for change. We are now working to identify preferred options. The next phase will then deliver the agreed options.


We aim to produce:

  • a tenant participation strategy for Northern Ireland: 2015-2020
  • a regulatory framework for social housing in Northern Ireland
  • a social housing rent policy for Northern Ireland
  • principles for local government engagement
  • options for the future delivery of social housing



We used the initial findings from our research and engagement to decide the next steps for the programme. A paper was presented to the Social Development Committee (February), providing an overview of the research.



We held a social housing reform stakeholder engagement event and a wide range of organisations and groups attended. Housing experts presented a number of social housing models from across the UK to the attendees. This led to useful talks around the future of social housing in Northern Ireland.


The Minister announced his proposals for the reform of social housing to the NI Assembly. The social housing reform programme was set up and we started to explore the Minister’s proposals.



A series of meetings were held with key stakeholders to ask for views on the recommendations from the earlier PwC report. This is called the ‘Mature Conversation’. This confirmed that change was necessary and the findings were used by the Minister to develop a series of reform proposals.


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) completed a review of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. This review found that changes were needed to improve the future delivery of housing services.
You can download a summary of the document:

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