Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015

Information about Team Ireland's at the 2015 Special Olympics held in Los Angeles between 25 July and 2 August 2015..

About the games

2015 Special Olympics LA

With 6500 athletes from 165 countries competing in 25 different sports the World Games which recently took place between 25 July and 2 August truly proved to be a spectacle of sport. Athletes competed in a full spectrum of sports ranging from softball to equestrian, tennis to cycling in front of an enthusiastic crowd of spectators.

Team Ireland

Team Ireland enjoyed tremendous success at the Games with a final tally of 86 medals including 26 gold medals, 29 silver medals and 31 bronze medals as well as 43 placing ribbons. During the games the team also recorded 31 personal bests.

These inspirational athletes’ achievements are a credit not only to the athletes themselves, but also all the coaches and volunteers who have shown the upmost drive, passion and dedication in contributing to making participation in this worldwide event a reality and an experience they will never forget.

Hopefully the teams’ success will encourage others, no matter what age, that the opportunity exists for everyone to get involved. Sport is for all. 

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