Irish Language Strategy and Ulster-Scots Language, Heritage and Culture Strategy

Work is underway to develop an Irish Language Strategy and an Ulster-Scots Language, Heritage and Culture Strategy.

The strategies

The strategies will bring focus to enhance and protect the development of the Irish language and enhance and develop the Ulster-Scots language, heritage and culture.

A co-design approach has been applied to the development of the strategies with the establishment of Expert Advisory Panels which brought together a wide range of academic and community experience; co-design groups made up of stakeholder groups from language, community and voluntary sectors: A cross-departmental working group made up of officials from across departments.

Expert Advisory Panels - each produced recommendation reports. The reports provided recommendations which the panels suggest the draft strategies address. Reports were published on 7 March 2022 and are available at the links below. A ‘call for views’/consultation on both reports also issued on 7 March - 29 April.

The co-design groups’ role is to consider the recommendations provided by the Expert Panels to further develop the draft strategies. Co-design groups will also facilitate focus groups to reach out to the organisations and people they represent to seek their views.

Cross-Departmental working groups will agree the content of the action plans associated with each of the draft strategies.

Strategies will be subject to Executive approval. 

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