Historic environment financial support

The Historic Environment Division’s aim is to ‘support and sustain vibrant communities and a strong economy through realising the significant, ongoing value of our historic environment’. One way of doing this is through providing financial assistance.

Historic Environment Fund

The Department seeks to support works and activity aimed at: conserving heritage assets and increasing our knowledge and public awareness of the historic environment. In 2016, following public consultation, it launched the Historic Environment Fund. This arranged support under four 'Streams':

Heritage Repair Stream

This aims to encourage sustainability and the preservation of the historic environment. 

Applications are currently being sought for owners and custodians seeking to repair scheduled historic monuments and listed buildings under the Historic Environment Repair Stream.

The closing date for applications in 10 October 2017.

More information is available in the Heritage Repair Stream Guidance Notes. Applicants for Listed Building Repair will be expected to carry out work to a suitable standard. This is set out in the Advisory Standards of Repair and Guidance for work to Listed Buildings.

Heritage Research Stream

This aims to help increase understanding of our shared resource and facilitate excellence. No funding routes opened this year. The Department has allocated available funds to the following works:

  • Compelling Narrative Development. Research and development of a strong case explaining the importance of the historic environment. This work forms part of a wider engagement with stakeholder groups.
  • Heritage Skills Research. An update of a 2009 report on heritage skills in Northern Ireland. This work will inform initiatives to improve the availability of heritage skills. 

Heritage Regeneration Stream

This aims to strengthen and improve the physical environment and foster the positive identity among local communities. It also aims to support third sector capacity and regeneration initiatives. No funding routes are open this year. The Department has allocated available funds to the following works:

  • Community Enterprise Catalyst. A two year project by the Architectural Heritage Fund running from 2016/17 which seeks to build community enterprise in the heritage sector.
  • District Council Heritage Officer Pilot Project. A 3 year joint project running from 2016/17 with Derry City and Strabane District Council to unlock strategic heritage initiatives, improve the physical environment, and improve awareness of the potential of the historic environment in one council area. Findings will be shared across all district councils.
  • Heritage at Risk Recording Project. An extension of a long running agreement with the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society to record and maintain a database of Built Heritage At Risk in Northern Ireland (BHARNI) pending completion and evaluation of a 10 year review.

Heritage Revival Stream

This aims to promote the social value of our historic environment and the innate contribution this can make to wellbeing and sustainable employment. No funding routes are open this year.

Historic Environment Fund

Information on the overall Fund, including an indication of support routes that may be available in future years, is provided in a summarising document: Historic Environment Fund, an Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of questions that we have anticipated that you may ask in regard to the Fund. You should look at this FAQ list before contacting us for clarification in regard to its requirements.

Other Financial Support

Funds for Historic Buildings Database

Further information on sources of funding available is available through the Funds for Historic Buildings database. This has been compiled by the Architectural Heritage Fund with the support of the Department. It lists over 250 separate sources of funding available in the UK for historic buildings.

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