The Happy Hearts Programme

A Programme created to make health awareness fun for year 4 pupils in selected schools.


Happy Hearts Programme



Former Boxing World Champion Barry McGuigan recently took time to visit schools which had participated in the Happy Hearts Programme. This exciting initiative was run as part of the legacy from Carl Frampton’s winning of the IBF Super Bantamweight World title at Titanic Slipways in September 2014.

The Happy Hearts Programme was created by the Barry McGuigan Boxing Academy in partnership with the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure. It offered Year 4 pupils in selected schools across the north of Ireland the opportunity to participate and enjoy 6 informative, fun one hour sessions spread over a 6 week period.

The sessions covered a range of health related topics empowering the children to understand the need to make healthy lifestyle choices and encouraging them learn through their involvement in sporting and recreational activities.  


The Programme was certainly successful in its objective to make health awareness fun and the schools participating were left with equipment and materials to ensure that they can continue to carry forward the programme themselves. It is hoped that it will ultimately help create and inspire a lasting positive change within the schools.


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