The Walls of Derry is the largest upstanding Monument in State Care in Northern Ireland. Under a far reaching guardianship agreement with their owners: The Honourable the Irish Society (who were responsible for building the structure in the early 17th century) they have been maintained by the State since 1955.

Over that time the structure has been regularly maintained and repaired with significant investment being made as the security situation in the area has improved and the walls opened up once again to full (and free) public access.

Visitor information

DfC has also published a visitor guide to the walls and have also developed an App. You can access both using the below links.

Current structure

Today, the structure is well maintained with good signage and a fine set of cannon set on archeologically correct carriages. The structure is a fitting centrepiece to the efforts, over the last ten years of the district council, TourismNI and other key stakeholders to promote the heritage of the city through the Walled City Signature Destination Project which aims to improve the social and economic development of the Walled City.

Conservation plan

DfC, along with the district council and Tourism NI developed a conservation plan for the monument in 2007. In line with good practice, this was  reviewed in 2014 and a second edition published in December 2015. The document sets out what is important about the structure, explains why this should be considered important and set out a series of policies to ensure that this can be maintained into the future. The work involved detailed research and extensive consultation with all potential stakeholders. 

Derry city walls management plan

As a monument in a busy city this structure is not just managed by one agency.

As well as the repair and maintenance work carried out on the wall by DfC, TransportNI maintains the road surface and lighting on the structure. The city council performs cleaning operations and organises events. The City Centre Rangers of the City Centre Initiative provide a warden's role and the North West Development Office of DfC has in the past funded improvements to the surface of the wall. The Department of Justice and the police are responsible for security and policing issues.

As a result, the Derry Walls Management Plan has been created to develop the policies of the Conservation Plan. A formal Management Group was set up in September 2009 to help ensure that the full potential of the monument can be achieved. The current edition of the plan was published in May 2018.

Management Group

The Management Group meets quarterly with an additional strategic meeting held on a biannual basis: 

View the records of the Derry Walls Management Group meetings. Documents include:

  • Terms of reference for the Management Group
  • Derry Walls Strategic Framework 2016-2020
  • Most recent approved minutes.

Records of the walls

The research for the Conservation and Management Plans has resulted in much improved records of the walls which can be accessed at the Historic Environment Record of Northern Ireland in Belfast or in Derry City Council's Museum and Heritage Division in Londonderry. 

In October 2011, we published a Gazetteer which builds upon this research and more recent investigation provides a detailed description of the monument and associated history.

Structure and contacts

View the Historic Environment Division structure and contacts

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