City of culture legacy funding - Celtronic

City of Culture Legacy funding is being used to support strategic interventions across the North West. Projects have been selected because they present opportunities to build on the success of the 2013 City of Culture and deliver long term sustainable impacts.

Celtronic recording studio

Due to increasing demand for professional music recording facilities, generated by the development of new artists through Music City and the SYNC programme in 2013, Celtronic have opened a Centre for Electronic Music in Derry.

Funded through DCAL’s North West Social and Economic Development Programme, this project has transformed Celtronic’s existing office space at Iona Enterprise Park, Southway, Derry into a studio containing state of the art recording equipment.  It will provide a top class music recording facility for use by local producers and facilitate workshops for local young people. 

Celtronic Studios
Celtronic Studios
Gareth Stewart, Celtronic, said:

“Since Celtronic began in 2001, one of our main aims was to increase the number of producers and DJs from the North West who were working nationally/internationally. We had realised back then that in order for the electronic music industry to grow here, we needed to export acts from the north west to events internationally instead of continually importing electronic music acts from Europe and America to play at events in Ireland.

There have been some success stories in recent years with acts like The Japanese Popstars and The Cyclist breaking through on the international music scene. However, these cases are quite rare.

Thanks to the funding from DCAL, the city now has the means of production. We are sure that the wonderful facility at Celtronic Studios will see a marked increase in the quantity and quality of electronic music emerging from the north west and the number of young people developing careers in music, graphic design and film-making.”

The Celtronic studio provides a unique, accessible and affordable state of the art facility for people of all ages and backgrounds

State of the art facility

Celtronic Studios is located in the Triax Neighbourhood Renewal Area, an area of high unemployment and low incomes, especially among young adults. The area ranks within the top 10 per cent of districts suffering the highest levels deprivation in Northern Ireland.

It will specialise in electronic music and visual /graphic production and will be an accessible and affordable facility that will provide aspiring musicians with a state of the art facility where they will be able to create music, graphics, photography and film.

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